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Published July 20, 2022

Learn how to make gold during Wind of Wisdom – the two week 50% XP Boost for World of Warcraft.

They’ve just announced that Winds of Wisdom – a 50% XP boost for all activities such as questing, dungeons and more will be available for 2 weeks up until the start of Shadowlands Mythic Season 4 and that means that many players that had Battle for Azeroth level capped players will be looking to boost their characters as fast as possible ahead of the new season.

And what makes levelling gears easier -gear and consumables – both of which are the topic of today’s video – how to make gold crafting levelling gear for level 50+ players!

Levelling Items

Most players will have one or two max-level ALTs that they haven’t touched since BFA and they will want to powerlevel them to level cap ahead of season 4.  That means they are looking for purchasable items for level 50+.  Blizzard didn’t make this very easy as the majority of craftable items are for Level 52+ and are sometimes outgeared by scaling World Quests (if a player takes Threads of Fate), but that doesn’t mean people won’t be buying the gear either!

In line with the crafting system that Blizzard introduced in Shadowlands, the items I’ll be covering today have limitations, but are the best way of gearing an alt through the levelling experience.  Firstly, when it comes to crafting these items, there is a level 52 requirement. Secondly, this will create item level 100 gear and is perfect for new characters who have no real luck with quest items in those original stages and thirdly, you have the added advantage of weapons being the biggest winners here as they are often harder to get.

For freshly dinged level-60s; you can create end-of-level blue-quality items for ilvl 165 too. 

Of course, We must not forget about one of the most convoluted systems Blizzard every invented – The Crafters Mark system – remember that! Yep, I thought you had forgotten about it!

Crafters Marks

Crafter’s Mark I will boost an item to 117 and require level 55 and can be used with these level 100 items.  I would ignore Crafter’s Mark II and III and jump straight to Crafter’s Mark IV.  Using a Crafter’s Mark IV you can then turn those blue item level 165s into item level 233s.  These are higher than the 226 Anima BOA catch up items you can create as well.  Not amazing ,but is fairly cheap to buy mats for these nowadays.

I would recommend crafting at least one 100 ilvl set and one 233 ilvl for each profession you can, then gauge the selling rate and restock as much as possible.  You should make a couple 1,000 profit per item set and don’t forget to own that undercut as well! My previous video on TSM undercutting will help immensely!

For the Green quality item level 100 items, you can craft the following:

  • For Blacksmithing you can craft the Ceremonious set, Shields, 1H Dagger, Warglaives, Axes, Maces and 2H Axes, Swords, Polearms and Maces.
  • For Tailoring you can craft the Shrouded Cloth sets.
  • For Enchanting you can craft Wands
  • For Leatherworking, you can craft the Desolate Leather set for leather wearers and the Desolate Scale sets for Mail wearers.  You can also craft Bows, Crossbows and Fist Weapons
  • For Inscription you can create 2H Staves and an offhand.
  • For Jewelcrafting you can create Necks and Ring pieces – called Chokers and Bands.  Personally, I would focus on unique equipped Blue items.

For the blue quality 165 ilvl (or 233 item levels (with a Crafter’s Mark IV)) you can only create armor sets:

  • For Blacksmithing you can craft the Shadowsteel set and 1H Dagger, Warglaives, Axes, Maces and 2H Axes, Swords, Polearms and Maces.
  • For Tailoring you can craft the Shadowlace sets.
  • For Leatherworking, you can craft the Shadebound set for leather wearers and the Shadowscale sets for Mail wearers. 
  • For Jewelcrafting, I would use a Crafters’ Mark of the First Ones (if you have it unlocked) and create Unique-Equipped 262 Neck and Ring items.  If not, then you can create blue quality ilvl 151 Necklace and Ring items.

Darkmoon Decks

Another viable option is resurrecting the “beginning-of-expansion-best-seller”, the Darkmoon Deck. You might be able to craft and sell some Darkmoon cards relatively cheaply on your servers.  These are great for people who don’t want to use Anima on the 226 BOA trinkets but are wanting to boost overall item level by filling a slot with this ilvl 200 trinket

Consumables, Enchants and Enhancements

I won’t get into consumables in any great detail here as they are all still end0game quality an dyou should be crafting these regardless, but Gems, Enchants, Armor Patches, Pots, Flasks, Stones and Oils are all able to be used by any level, so I would focus on the best selling enchants and then utility potions as most players with ALTs will just spend cash on the best-in-slot.  Remember, these will all be needed for Season 4 as well, so you can still relist these well after the 2 week Winds of Wisdom window.

Don’t forget the Autohammer as well – I made a video about that too.

And that’s it, a quick video for people wanting to maximise goldmaking during  the 2-week Winds of Wisdom event ahead of Season 4 in Shadowlands!

Please let me know if I missed anything in the comment section below.  Hopefully you found this useful and if you did, please don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel!  Hit the notification bell if you don’t want to miss out on any upcoming videos as well.

In the meantime, take care, stay safe and I’ll see you in the next video!

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