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Published June 15, 2022

Hi all, Sarranuva here and I’m back again with another video! 

We’ve all been there; you’ve logged on for the day and checked your mailbox and you’ve been a little let down that the number of sales in your Mailbox which wasn’t as much as you had hoped.  You post your auctions, and you see the same seller showing up time and time again.  Several minutes later, they’ve undercut you – it’s frustrating isn’t it!  Well, in today’s video I’m going to share 5 tips to become more like them and take the fight to them.

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So, grab a coffee, a notebook and a pen and let’s get into 5 tips to A Gold Goblins Guide to Undercutting in World of Warcraft!

Tip #1: TSM Groups

The most important part of intelligent undercutting is structuring your groups correctly and I recommend this great guide is by Samadan.

One of the most prevalent – and personally annoying – parts of Shadowlands has been the Rank upgrade system and ilvl boosting for crafter items as we’ve progressed through the expansion. This has meant you have had to be granular with your groups to make post/cancelling as efficient as possible.

Here you can see an example of groups for Legendary Rings and how they’ve been split out for ilvl.  We’ve got an operation assigned to have a minimum of 35% for DBMarket which means that we are going to post as long as the lowest posted item is above 35% of DBMarket.

By splitting out these items in such a way, we are able to be more granular when posting and cancelling so that we avoid the dreaded Auction House Throttling that was introduced in Shadowlands.

Once you have this setup, you are now able to strategically post and cancel your items at a much more targeted level.

Tip #2: Favourite Scans

If you ‘ve watched my Top 5 TSM Tips video, then you’ll be familiar with Favouriting Shopping scans.  If not, I’ve linked that above as well.  What you might not realise is that you can also favourite cancel scans as well – and name them accordingly.

This is where the Favourite scans becomes mega important, and your naming convention is a requirement to success.

If you followed Tip 1 then once you select the group you want to scan – for example ilvl 291 – you can run your scan t cancel. Then if you hover on the scan in Recent Scans on the right-hand side you can see a star.  Click that and it favourites it.  Then move over to the Favourite Scans and click the pencil in the same way – and name it.  By having a numbering system, it allows me to sequentially order the scans to have the most important and frequent ones at the top.  This makes it effortless when it comes to cancelling!

Tip #3: Frequency Cancellation

The biggest question most people ask are “how often is often enough”  Well it depends.  Seriously though, it does depend on your server, the population and the rate people are buying and selling.

High selling items such as Enchants, Flasks, Potions and Food are rarely worth cancel scanning on as you would normally end up working your way to the top if the rate of sale outweighs the rate of posting.  As I mentioned earlier though, keeping your post sizes down allows you to post, post and post when you are undercut anyway so the need to cancel scan becomes redundant.

Personally, I tend to focus on high-value items in this order: Legendries and Mounts then Crafted items (rings, necks etc), then consumables such as Drums, Repair Bots and then finally enchants, potions and food.

How often do you find is the right amount of time to cancel? Leave a comment below to share with other people.

Tip #4:  Identifying your competition

To really make gold on your server, you must know who your competition is.  This rings true in all aspects of life whether it’s business, sport etc.  Spotting who are the regular players on your server who are constantly showing up is a sure-fire way for you to know what markets they are protecting and which ones they aren’t so bothered about.  Do they post and cancel religiously on Legendries, but Post and forget on Enchants?  That tells you right there where the easy win is.

More importantly, you want to understand their posting habits.  When are they online, when are they not online? Only then can you know when opportunities to post can arise.

A quick tip that not many people know is that if they are on your server (and your faction), you can add them to your friends list, add a note and then see if they are online or not.  If they are not online, then they are less likely to be protecting their auction house and it’s your time to capitalise.

Tip #5:  Pick Your Battles

This is one that I had to learn the hard way.  Sometimes you will come up against a player who is online as often as you are, posts as often as do and is undercutting as often as you .  Often you’ll become convinced they are a bot.  They might be, but remember that you are actually sitting there doing the exact same thing – so it is humanly possible.  It’s at this point that you just need to step back and think: Is it really worth my time to beat them in that market?  A prime example is Glyphs on my main server.  There is one player I am 100% sure is a bot ‘cause they are on at 2am, 6am, 11am, 2pm etc etc – Having a newborn baby definitely helped with these random times and sure enough, whenever I checked they were there. And then I reminded myself that I was on at those times too and the profit on glyphs is dead on my server (and in the game since Blizzard have conveniently forgotten about the profession). It’s just not worth it!

And that’s it, a quick introduction into undercutting in World of Warcraft!

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In the meantime, take care, stay safe and I’ll see you in the next video!

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