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Published August 9, 2022

Blizzard have released a huge FAQ ahead of Season 4 starting on the 3rd/4th August and there are some surprises in there.

I mentioned in a previous video that there was goldmaking opportunities during the Winds of Wisdom 50% experience buff, particularly around crafting some of the blue ilvl 165s all the way up to the ilvl 233 items and that still stands, but one thing that Blizzard has announced that Sandworn Relics are being moved to Bind on Account, so that is going to allow players to gear up freshly dinged ALTs with ilvl 226 gear.

What’s this got to do with legendries I hear you ask?  Well, the new season may have seen users wanting to improve their ilvl score for Mythics by buying two legendries, but another change in the FAQ may scupper that.

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No New Legendry Ranks

As part of the FAQ, Blizzard also announced that Rank 7 (ilvl 291) legendries will not be receiving a new rank or an upgrade meaning they may actually not be best in slot.  This is due to Fated Raids on Heroic giving 291-298 ilvl, as well as the new ilvl drops from a 15 Mythic+ key being ilvl 288 and the weekly vault giving an ilvl 304.

A lot of these items may be comparable and may make legendary slots redundant – especially for set piece slots.

What to Focus on

This is where you can make gold during Season 4.  Focus on non-tier slot items such as Rings/Necks/Backs – something that has continued to sell very well following the Creation Catalyst in ZM being introduced. 

The reason for this is that many players will be using the Fated raid items to upgrade the item to a tier set at the Creation Catalyst, thus massively improving their ilvl and stats beyond legendries for tier slot items.

Whilst the cost to create is low, it would be prudent to stock up on these slots if you can as many players may turn to these items to fill the gaps.

What if I’m wrong?

There is a chance that the rate of acquisition to replace tier sets may not be as high for players on your server, but that doesn’t mean that freshly dinged players won’t be buying these items.  There won’t be the gold rush of Rank 7 of course, but there is still a sizeable amount of profit to be had crafting these items making them a solid market to continue to invest in.

If they aren’t for you and you disagree then there is always my other video on becoming a Consumable King in Season 4 of course.

And that’s it, a quick video for people pivoting their approach to the legendary market ahead of Season 4 in Shadowlands!

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In the meantime, take care, stay safe and I’ll see you in the next video!

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