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Published April 1, 2021

If you’ve ever dipped your toe into making gold in World of Warcraft then you’re probably familiar with TradeSkillMaster – or TSM for short.  If you’ve never heard of it then that’s fine – TSM is an addon in World of Warcraft that makes using the Auction House, Profession making and many other parts of the games infinitely easier!  I highly recommend checking it out as it can massively streamline your gold making efforts!

Today’s blog post is going to concentrate on some of the features that most hardened users of TSM take for granted, but not every user realises exists!  Hopefully some of these TSM tips and tricks are new to you and make your life just that little bit easier.

Tip 1: /Exact

My first tip is a simple quality of life one. When searching in the Shopping tab and you’re looking for an item, you can append /exact to the end of your query so that you only get results for that item.  This is especially useful for users who are searching for items that share a common name but are looking for something specific.

For example, if you’re like me and you search with partial names a lot because Google has been great at filling in the gaps for you then you’ve fallen foul of this before.  Doing a search for “Ghost Iron” can return a plethora of results from Ghost Iron Ore, Ghost Iron Bar etc.  If you really meant to search for Ghost Iron Ore, then a search for Ghost Iron Ore/exact ensures that you will only get results for that item.

Tip 2: Search Multiple Items

Looking for multiple items at a time can be a lifesaver and whilst most people who work in databases or coding will be very familiar with this, many users new to TSM aren’t.  You can search for multiple items by adding a delimiter in the shape of a semi-colon.  This way you can search for multiple items at once – just make sure you spell them correctly, especially if you are combining with Tip 1 .  This is a great way of looking for a shopping list of items in a single search.

Tip 3: Saved Searches

This leads me into my 3rd tip – saved searches.  If you’re regularly using TSM to search for items, you can click the star symbol next to the search at the top of the Shopping and Auctioning window.  This can work with Cancel and Post scans that you regularly carry out to make sure you’re on top of the game and dominating a market.

I hear you say that this is basic and rudimentary – and I agree. However, did you know you can rename your searches to make it more accessible.

Tip 4: Mail BOEs

There are loads of hidden options in TSM and one of the best ones for people doing things like Bracer Shuffles etc where they have an alt with Enchanting that they need to regularly send their BOEs to to disenchant.  You may have already advanced to a Mailing Operation for your bracer shuffle, but did you know you can use the Other tab on the Mailbox and send all your disenchantables to an Alt by typing their name in and clicking Send?

Much easier – especially if you have a character that is used purely to craft items to be disenchanted.

Tip 5: Macro Wheel

I really hope that this tip isn’t new to you but this came up recently with one of my guildies around how I am able to post/cancel so quickly as well as “automate” the disenchanting process so easily.  The tip – Create a Macro to your Mouse Wheel.

To do this, go to the main TSM Window and click on Settings and then Macros. Choose the options that you want to use – e.g. Cancel, post etc and then click Bind.

And that’s it – 5 simple TSM Tips that Everyone Should Know!  Was this helpful for you?  Was there anything new that you weren’t aware of?  It would be great to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Carpikins Carpikins

    Hi! Just found you and I love your tips! My problem is I was a diehard Auctioneer addon player and did very well for years. Now I feel like a complete noob. I have tried to watch set up videos but I’m not a technical person so when I watch and set up, step by step I get confused when the info doesn’t jive. In other words, maybe there was an update to the addon and a new video doesn’t exist yet to take the differences in set up into consideration.
    What’s your suggestion for a person that practically needs hand holding???

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