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Published August 12, 2022

Hi all, Sarranuva here and I’m back again with another video!

As a goldmaker in World of Warcraft, there was a time when we would be able to make gold whilst not at our PC – no, not botting or automated play – actually using our mobile phones!

As part of the WoW Companion App, Blizzard had a feature called the Remote Auction House app that was introduced in 2011 during Cataclysm and was massively successful. 

You were able to browse listings, check prices and – more importantly – post your auctions.  This was a strong gold making tactic when you were trying to dominate a market (say Enchants, Flasks or Glyphs) and you had an abundance in your bags that you could just keep listing and listing when you were meant to be hard at work or, whether people will admit it or not, on the toilet!

Then in 2018 during the Battle for Azeroth expansion it was taken down from the companion app much to the anger of players and goldmakers alike!  The reason at the time was due to the Auction House API and server loads but it might have had something to do with other nefarious issues such as duping – the practise of creating, looting or copying a high value item – say a Swift Spectral Tiger – and creating multiple copies of them thus flooding the market, crashing the price but making a tonne of gold in the process.  A big no-no for the majority of goldmakers!Well, we thought it was long gone, but it turns out that Blizzard have actually listened to players and have announced that the WoW Companion App will see the return of the Remote Auction House – well, kind of.

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The Return of the Remote Auction House

In an announcement made by Blizzard, they have confirmed that along with Patch 9.2.7 which launches on the 16/17th August next week that the WoW Companion App will now contain the Remote Auction House.

Players will be able to:

  • Browse and view current auctions
  • Bid and buyout auctions
  • Search for auctions
  • Add and remove items from your Favorites list
  • View and cancel your listed auctions

However, one line that stands out massively in their announcement is:

“Due to our desire to provide an Auction House experience in a more immediate timeframe, we have excluded listing items for sale”

Yep, that’s right – you won’t actually be able to list items for sale.  So if this update isn’t aimed at Goldmakers, then who is it aimed at?

I think it’s actually there for the players.  It’s quite a timely update from Blizzard they are merging the auction houses across servers for consumables and materials in the same 9.2.7 patch so players can now be browsing their items ahead of raids/dungeons on their mobiles, purchasing them and simply looting them when they log in to the game – a real time saver.

So what does this mean for Goldmakers and goblins? Crafting and farming really has become all-important again.  Not only has the market opened up for potential buyers, but Blizzard have added a whole new channel for buyers to make those purchases.  If you don’t have stock, then you’re only going to get pipped to the post by someone who watched my previous video on how to make gold in Season 4 – Becoming a consumable machine!

And that’s it, a quick video on the re-introduction of the remote auction house and what the possible effects are on users. 

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In the meantime, take care, stay safe and I’ll see you in the next video!

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