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Published August 4, 2020

Hi everyone, Sarranuva here and I’m back with another post and on a topic I didn’t expect to be covering so soon

Blizzard Bans Gallywix for Gold Selling

In one of my last videos, I covered the topic of WoW Boosting and Gold Selling including the history and how it’s evolved into a professional, respected part of the game.  Well, that just got blown out of the water ‘cause one of the biggest boosting communities in World of Warcraft, Gallywix Boosting Community, was just investigated by Blizzard over the accusations of Real Money Trading for Gold Selling – and banned several accounts across North America and Europe.

Gallywix Boosting Community Ban wasn’t for Dungeon Runs

This wasn’t for selling runs for RMT; this was for selling in-game gold for RMT which is a BIG no-no for Blizzard.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, the whole WoW Token system was implemented to protect users from being scammed when buying in-game gold so this is definitely something Blizzard is passionate about.

What’s really interesting here though is that Blizzard have come down hard on Gallywix by not only banning a few accounts, but actually threatening the accounts connected with the Gallywix organisation with future bans – particularly any RMTs in future.

I spoke about Gallywix as being highly professional for only accepting gold for runs in my last video – and I still stand by that.  I think this may be a case of a few bad apples offloading the billions of gold for RMT within the boosting community that has caused this hammer to fall.  Then again, you know what they say – there ain’t smoke without fire so maybe the issue was more widespread than people thought.

Other Boosting Communities offer and olive branch

For the other boosting communities out there, the likes of Spirit Boosting, Ravencrest Union, Oblivion etc, I’m sure they will be auditing their users strongly to make sure the spotlight isn’t turned on to them.

One of the admins at Spirit Boosting, DROLOE has even announced that they are 100% confident that they have never participated in RMT as all of their transactions are publicly available to every booster, advertiser and everyone involved in the runs so no-one can skimp on the side.  They have also offered an olive branch to any of the current boosters of Gallywix that are looking for a new home so we might just see the dominance of Gallywix finally coming to an end.

The big thing to take away from this is that people shouldn’t sell gold for RMT. Blizzard want to keep that gold in the economy and even more, keep that gold in their pockets if people want to buy gold from them direct.

What do you think about this? Do you think Blizzard have been harsh or do you think this in-game gold is something that should be protected at all costs?

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  1. Decent player since TBC,always official servers. Decent player since TBC,always official servers.

    While normal players will strongly make sure that booster-communities WILL have the spotlight turned on them the majority sees, in all fairness, that exploiters should be banned.

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