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Published November 22, 2020

Hi all, Sarranuva here and I’m back again with another video, this time discussing Shadowlands and how Inscription became good again!

Making Inscription Great Again with Missives in Shadowlands

With Shadowlands releasing on the 27th October 2020, there are lots of people planning ahead to make gold and if you’ve watched my previous videos on what to stockpile in Shadowlands then you might already be prepared.

Making Gold with Inscription in Shadowlands

What a lot of people are still trying to figure out is how they can make money with professions and one of the main ones I invested in Battle for Azeroth was Inscription.  It’s a constant source of gold through Glyphs and comes into its own at the beginning of every expansion with Darkmoon Cards but does die out a little after that.  BFA was the exception though as we had those Highbourne Tome trinkets as a little cashcow near the end but its looking like Shadowlands has made Inscription a little more of a constant seller with the introduction of Missives.

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Inscription Missives start at Level 40 Shadowlands Inscription

Missives are an item that can learnt at Inscription level 40 and can be added to crafted items to guarantee it a secondary stat of your choice. There are four available missives in the form of Missive of Haste, Missive of Critical Strike, Missive of Mastery and Missive of Versatility.

These are pretty standard creations and at the minute on the Beta they require the following:

  • For A Missive of Haste you’ll need 6 Luminous Ink, 4 Umbral Ink and 1 Tranquil Ink
  • For A Missive of Critical Strike you’ll need 8 Luminous Ink, 2 Umbral Ink and 1 Tranquil Ink
  • For A Missive of Mastery you’ll need 4 Luminous Ink, 8 Umbral Ink and 1 Tranquil Ink
  • For A Missive of Versatility you’ll need 2 Luminous Ink, 8 Umbral Ink and 1 Tranquil Ink

Luminous and Umbral Inks are created through the standard milling process associated with Inscription and require the milling of Shadowlands herbs.  Their availability is available throughout the main areas of Oribos.  The tougher one to create is Tranquil Ink which is the new version of Felwort and is a rare herb found throughout Oribos.

These can all be bought and sold on the auction house so these will be a great start to Shadowlands.

Ink traders now accept Umbral Ink for past expansion inks

Interestingly though, one of the bigger changes is that Umbral Ink is also now the Ink of choice when it comes to trading previous expansion inks in Shadowlands.  This includes the ink trader in Dalaran who will no longer accept roseate pigment.  So, if you’ve stockpiled a lot of it, trade them in for the inks you need such as Moonglow Ink, Jade Fire Ink etc. as this will become useless if you have stockpiled it.

Its fair to say that gatherers will reign supreme during the release of Shadowlands and I know I am debating swapping mains to a gatherering character for the first week or so to self-fund my Inscription.

In the meantime, take care, stay safe and I’ll see you in the next video.


  1. Micheal Micheal

    Hello, I have enjoyed reading your articles!

    This is the first expansion that I have tried to participate in the massive gold rush. Tonight, I tried to buyout the Umbral Ink and Umbral Pigment AH supply in an effort to “reset the market”. I bought for an average of ~230g each on Area 52 and have 8,000+ stock (6k inks, 2k pigments)… I tried resetting to 400g each, someone with deeper pockets than me kept undercutting 50g at a time to bottom out the market again. Now i’m stuck with all of this stock. What is the best play to recoup some of my gold here?

    • Sarranuva Sarranuva

      Hi Michael, sorry, I’ve been offline the past week so only just round to seeing your comment.

      Normally when something like that happens, you can one of two things:

      1. Site on the stock and wait for the undercutter to either move on or sell his stock. Then you can sweep in with a new reset price. This can take time so isn’t always an option
      2. Look at to see what can be crafted with the inks. This way you can look at other avenues to use your stock that might be more profitable. It might require more investment, but it also means you are not sat on dead stock.

      I don’t think you’re alone in this situation though. This has been one of the more aggressive expansion launches I have been involved in – more knowledge has made it more accessible for players to take part in the gold rush.

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