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Published June 15, 2020

Whether you are looking to find the best routes for farming Fel Iron Ore or hoping to discover how Fel Iron Ore can improve your gold making potential, you’re in the right place.

Introduction to Fel Iron Ore

Introduced in The Burning Crusade, Fel Iron Ore is gathered using the mining profession and is critical in the leveling of other professions such as blacksmithing or mining.

Fel Iron Ore is used as part of several common goldmaking items including transmog items such as the Flamebane and Ragesteel sets Plate

Mine Fel Iron Ore in Zangarmarsh

I prefer Zangarmarsh in Outland for farming Fel Iron Ore as it’s a very basic loop.

Zangarmarsh is located on the west side of Outland and I’d start off at Umbrafen Lake, then head North towards Cenarion Refuge, right the way up into the top corner if Zangarmarsh doing a loop of The Dead Mire , continuing to go in a counter-clockwise loop making sure you pick up any Fel Iron Ore you see. Then continue going counterclockwise and just stick to the bottom of the cliffs at Blades Edge.

Continuing your path straight on through Orebor Harborage then a small loop around Ango’rosh Grounds, do a little bit of a 180 loop and then head down past Sporeggar into the Spawning Glen always sticking to the side.

Like the top of the map, stick to the cliffs and continue your journey right the way through, again mining any Fel Iron Ore you see.

And that’s it; it’s literally one of the the best Fel Iron mining routes you can actually do

Farming Fel Iron Ore in Hellfire Peninsula

When it comes to farming Fel Iron Ore in Hellfire Peninsula, this minign route is more of a a zigzag motion. Again, we’re going in a counter-clockwise route and we start off at Expedition Armory were you make your way past Honor Hold, then back down to Zeth’gor, heading towards The Legion Front making sure you pick up all the Fel Iron Ore you can find. Then continue towards Hellfire Citadel, turning right once you’re past it up towards the Pools of Aggonar

Go back on yourself into Mag’har Post then the Temple of Telhamat and stick to the to the cliffs as you head down to the Ruinds of Sha’naar.

Continue into the Den of Haal’esh and then basically sticking right the way through to the cliffs going into the bramble weeds as if you’re going to go at Terrokar Forest and ending up back at then start again at Expedition Armory thus completing your Fel Iron mining route in Hellfire Peninsula.

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