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Published December 29, 2023

It’s been a while and I’m not gonna lie, I nearly fell out of love with World of Warcraft due to the convoluted profession system and the hours you have to put in just to keep on top of the professions across many, many alts.

However, as you know I always like to help people out with simple and effective tips and guides, and this video is no different!

I wanted to showcase one of the most important tools in World of Warcraft right now if you’re into character management, ALT management or just straight up completion collecting!  Seriously, this tool has saved me so much time and effort compared to how I was previously doing things – semi-manually with a Google Sheet!

It not only got me over the grind of the new profession system, but it also helped me get a grip of my Knowledge Points or should I say the Knowledge Points I was missing!

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I can hear you all now screaming GET ON WITH IT so without further ado – I would like to introduce to you,!

If you’re aware of the tool already, then stick around as there will be some things in here you might not be aware of, but if you’ve never heard of it then you’re in for a treat!

What does WoWThing actually do?

In their own words, “Do you have an alt problem? Struggling to remember which of your characters have done all of the things this week? WoWthing is here to help manage your World of Warcraft characters!”

What that means is that you can see at a glance things that you want to check such as Currencies, Items (including missing and uncollected items such as Mounts, Pets etc), Profession data – including knowledge point score and sources that you haven’t collected, reputations, Achievements and a whole lot more!  Seriously, you will be blown away by what this tool can actually do!

How does WoWThing collect your data?

You have to install an addon called WoWThing collector and all you have to do is upload your local .lua file once you log out and it will populate the data.

Once you’ve done that on the WoWThing website, you can do the following with it:

Profession Review

If you click Professions on the menu , you can quickly see where you are at on all of your alts in terms of profession level as well as how many of the one-off Knowledge Points you’ve collected. More importantly you can check which Knowledge Points you haven’t collected!  For example, clicking on my Mage I have maxed out renown on all factions but I have not collected some of the chunkier Knowledge Point rewards!  That’s allowed me to go to the vendors for each faction – in this case Dragonscale Expedition and give myself a nice little Knowledge Point boost!

Further to this, WoWThing also does something I’m not aware of any other tool doing – It shows you how far you’ve progressed into the Knowledge Point system as well as highlighting which recipes you have and have not learned!  As if that wasn’t enough, if you click on Currencies and then Crafting Knowledge you can quickly see how much Knowledge Points you have to spend as well as how many Shard of Knowledge you have to cash in as well!  It turns out I’m sitting on quite a bit of unspent Knowledge Points!


As I’ve just mentioned, there’s a currencies tab but it doesn’t just show you Crafting Knowledge, but also materials for all three seasons in Dragonflight as well as past expansions. This is obviously hugely useful if you’re logged into the game and you want to quickly see which alt on a different server has currency!


I’ve covered collections on tools like DataForAzeroth and Simple Armory, but WoWThing takes things to another level. It allows you to check which Appearances, Mounts, Toys and many other things that you might have missed out on via all of the expansions  as well as the usual sources such as Drops, Achievements, Reputations etc.  The great thing about WoWThing is that it also allows you to narrow down sources such as Professions, World Events, The Trading Post and even the straight-to-the-point Money tab that shows you which TCG, Shop, Promotions etc that you’ve missed out on as well.

World Quests

Similar to the Wowhead “Today in WOW” Page, WoWThing shows you which World Quests are up at the moment.  But of course WoWThing has to go one further and will show you which ALTs you have completed the World Quest on which is great for World Bosses etc but also advantageous for high-quality loot items or reputation as well.

Auction Sourcing

Now, the Auctions section of WoWThing takes things such as the Oribos Exchange which is a fantastic tool, but takes it to the next level!

WoWThing knows what you haven’t learned when it comes to Pets, Mounts, Recipes and Appearances and it allows you to find unlearned Pets, Mounts, Recipes and Appearances by showing you the cheapest servers they are listed on!  Now we can move gold seamlessly between alts on servers, this is a collectors dream for finding recipes they are missing for cheap!  Obviously a character transfer will be needed to get the item back but hopefully you’ve been buying them cheap when the sale is on 😉

Zone Maps

Like the missing collections, WoWThing also has an interactive Zone Map which is similar to the World Quests layout but allows you to look at items by class, by mount etc and quickly shows you which character you’ve missed a Drake appearance one etc.

Highly useful if you’re stuck for something to do and want to ignite that inner collector in you!


Last but not least, I wanted to show one of the best parts of the website – at least for me as someone who works with data for a living – the Matrix.

This is an interactive part of the website where you can choose an X axis and a Y Axis and show two data sources together to help you understand something. For example, I want to know which Professions I have by which Realm and for characters over or equal to Level 60. WoWThing easily allows me to see which servers I have professions on.  Great for that ALT management itch that I sometimes get.

And that’s it, a video highlighting the only website you need for World of Warcraft!  Find out more at

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Let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions, or want to share how the tool helped you out!

In the meantime, take care, stay safe and I’ll see you in the next video!

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