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Published December 29, 2023

If you’re a returning player to World of Warcraft or you simply don’t know how to make gold in-game, then this video is for you!

With all of the confusing professions, renown and reputation grinds, it’s often difficult to pick a simple, yet effective way to make raw gold in-game.  Goldmaking generally isn’t sexy and often requires gold to make gold so I thought I would help with three simple ways to make gold from scratch today!

Shipment of Goods

As part of the Dream Wardens reputation grind, there is a weekly quest called Shipment of Goods which requires you to hand in reagent goods in large quantities. This is where we can make some gold, right now by simply farming or even flipping these items on the auction house.

To get started, I would recommend reviewing this comment from Isiliel81 ( which details the known rotations for the hand in items required.  This will allow you to prioritise which profession you want to focus on.  I would then recommend reviewing the quests on the weekly reset which is Tuesday in NA and Wednesday in EU.

The crossover gathering professions are Mining, Herbalism and Skinning and are perfect for gathering up these materials.  Whilst some of the gems are gathered from mining, they are prospected from Jewelcrafting so you can easily sell your ore to make this gold.

With the auction house now regionwide, you should start seeing your mailbox fill up quite nicely and quite quickly as the cost of these items is very high right now compared to what they were before path 10.2

World Quests

An often-overlooked way of making gold, this is perfect for any returning player who has unlocked the main campaign on at least one character.

If you haven’t unlocked World Quests in Dragonflight, don’t worry as there are often gold-rewarding World Quests from past expansions – particularly BFA and Legion.

Currently there are 33 world quests returning just raw gold totalling 8,699 gold!

It’s not the most efficient “Raw Gold Farm” by any means, but it’s free gold in your pocket for minimal effort which will allow you to start building your goldmaking empire as you use the gold on more complex methods such as flipping.


Lastly – and this is a controversial one – levelling is a good source of gold which has several by-products too.  By levelling through questing, you will acquire gold, materials and items you can vendor as well as ending up with a max-character and some professions to boot.  I would recommend a crafting and a gathering profession that go hand in hand – for example, Leatherworking and Skinning or Jewelcrafting and Mining.

Not only can you achieve gold through open-world questing, but you are also levelling professions which can make you vendor gold or even some auction house gold too.

Additionally, if Timewalking dungeons are up, like they are now, then you can also acquire old world materials and items you can also vendor or auction house too.

And that’s it – a simple, yet effective way to make 100,000s of gold today using gathering professions.

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Let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions or want to share any other ways you like to start making gold!

In the meantime, take care, stay safe and I’ll see you in the next video!

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