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Published January 4, 2024

Hi all, Sarranuva here and I’m back again with another video!

If you’re into the crafting game in Dragonflight, you’ll be aware that some of the rarest recipes can command the biggest fees when it comes to crafting.  However, getting your hands on these recipes is often difficult due to scarcity – I’m talking about you Elemental Lariat!

In today’s video I’m going to show you how a small change in Dragonflight patch 10.1.5 in June 2023 created the biggest opportunity for cross-realm sourcing of recipes – and this is something that passed a lot of people by.

In the past you had to load a character up with gold and become a mule via a character transfer to get a recipe on the cheap and then transfer them back. This not only cost you in-game gold or even real life money on character transfers but by the time the transfer took effect, the recipe could have been snapped up.

With the new change, you can have the recipe in your hands in a little under 5 minutes!

What you will need

To do this you will need two things:

  • Undermine Exchange (Previously Oribos Exchange).
  • A second account with a subscription.  This cannot be done with a start account unfortunately.  However, if you’re going to do this regularly, then you can easily swallow the second account costs.

As additional options, there are some other things that you can do to make the process a little easier.

To speed up the process, it would be advantageous to have unlocked the achievement “Heirloom Hoarder”.  This gives you access to the Chauffeured Chopper which is a mount that can be used be a level 1 character and is rewarded through the purchase of 35 heirlooms.  As an altaholic, I achieved this back in 2015 and you might have already done this.  If you have the Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur mount, then it’s not a requirement as you can simply meet your character at the starting zone anyway.

Using Oribos Exchange

If you head to, you will be greeted by a familiar UI – the World of Warcraft Auction House.  Here you will be able to select your server, and search for your desired recipes.  What you are looking for are items that are not available on your server, but that are available on other servers.

If you scroll down the results page past the time of day information etc, you will a list of servers, their available quantity and current listing price.  If you sort by the listing price so you get lowest to highest and you’re looking for the right-hand column that shows quantity available.  If there is more than a zero, then the server has this listed the last time the Auction House API pulled the data.

This is where the second account comes in and hopefully the Chauffeured Chopper.

Using the Second Account

To save you doing this process twice, I’ve added a link to a list of “Connected Realms” so you can check if you already have a character on your second account on these servers. If your server is listed as a connected realm, you can use that character for any of the connected realms your server is joined with. Normally though, the larger 1 or 2 realm servers have the cheapest items so if you’re main is on a lower population server, this can work in your advantage.

If you need to create a character on the server you’ve identified, I would recommend the following process.

Simply open up your second account and navigate to the server you’ve identified and create a character of the same faction as the main that has the gold and wants the item.

If you’re alliance, I suggest making a Human and choosing X as the starting zone.  For Horde, I suggest Orc  and choosing the Valley of Trials.

If you have the chauffeured Chopper unlocked, simply mount it and head to either Stormwind of Orgrimmar and head to the Auction House.  Whilst you are there, check to see if the item is still available and if so, head to your main account and login to your character if you aren’t already logged in.

Using the level 1 character, invite your main to a party and this will allow you to meet and trade the character the required gold.  Head to the Auction House and buy the recipe you want and then simply collect it from the mailbox and trade it to your main.

Leave the party on your main and either list the item on the Auction House or learn it.

Not only does this work for BOEs and other coveted items, but anything that is normally server locked and not available on the regionwide Auction House.

And that’s it – a simple, yet effective way to make millions of gold sourcing and flipping recipes without the need of a character transfer.

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Let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions or want to share any other ways you like to start making gold!

In the meantime, take care, stay safe and I’ll see you in the next video!

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