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Published April 24, 2023

As part of my latest series on farming the additional weekly profession knowledge points, today I’m going to show you the very best spot for the farming the Curious Djaradin Rune.

This is one of the weekly knowledge point drops you can gather and I would highly recommend Tama’s Dragonflight Helper Weakaura to help you keep track!

The spot I farm for this weekly item is often either a weekly quest area or part of the reputation grind for Wrathion and Sabellion – yep, you’ve guessed it it’s Dragonbanes Keep!.

Specifically you’ll need to farm the non-elite Qalashi mobs around 36.69 – specifically the Necksnappers but it can also drop off the Drakehunters too.  If you’re geared enough you can still kill the Elites as these can also drop it but for speed I would focus on the non-elites.

Like my other spots, I normally get the Curious Djaradin Rune after one or two group kills, but unless you are really unlucky here you will spend less than 5 minutes farming it.

And that’s it, a really quick and simple video on getting Curious Djaradin Rune for some additional Profession Knowledge Points.

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In the meantime, take care, stay safe and I’ll see you in the next video!

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